First night dreams

There is quite possibly nothing more exciting than moving into a new home. Whether it’s your first home after flying the nest, the next step as a young couple or moving up to accommodate a growing family it’s the start of a new chapter and one full of hopes and dreams.  

Modern Bedroom Design

There is lots of evidence to suggest that moving home can also be really stressful in the run up to exchange and completion. It is undoubtedly less so when it’s a brand new home on a development and there’s no chain involved. It means that after all the legal work is complete you can simply pick up your keys and start to make it your own.

Lots of families have different traditions on the first night – a one pot supper cooked and delivered by a family member , inflating airbeds and a cosy camp of pillows, spare sheets and duvets while you wait for the removal van to arrive and undoubtedly a glass of fizz to toast the future - possibly out of plastic glasses unless you’re super organised and have located the crystal!

Rowland Homes Bathroom

In the run up to moving there are also lots of things that you can do to ensure that the first few weeks are fun filled and involve the important things rather than trying to organise things retrospectively. Make sure you’ve changed your address with all the important partners and re-directed your post. Pack an emergency box of essentials too for your first night of pyjamas, candles, kettle and obviously champagne flutes!

This means that you will have everything to hand and don’t need to start rummaging through boxes to find toothbrushes. It’s also nice to pack some scented candles, matches and maybe even some bath oils if you think you’ll have time for a first night bath!

Child and Teddy Bear

If you have small children it also makes sense to pack them a first night box too – include favourite teddies, nightlights, pyjamas and their own bedding so that everything is familiar – maybe even a couple of treasured toys or items from their usual bedroom will help them to settle much better in their new surroundings. Don’t forget your pets too - beds with their own smells and favourite toys will all help them to feel settled and secure on the first night in their new home.

The first few days in your new home will set the tone for your new beginning so it’s worth being totally organised and remembering that it’s all the small things that provide home comforts – blankets, candles, a hearty feast and everything you all need for a good night’s sleep.

Happy home move.


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