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I visited Sandpiper Grange initially with my mum, as we thought buying a new build may be a little stressful. On arrival we met our Sales Executive who put us at ease and has been helpful throughout the process. I will very soon have the keys to my home and I am so looking forward to it. As Stephen says this is a team effort as it take many trades / staff to build my home and that is something we have seen at Sandpiper Grange.

“On visting the development, we are very happy with how we had been greeted. Buying a new home did feel daunting to me. I met Stephen and straight away, I knew he was a listener. He took time to understand what was important to me and helped me locate our beautiful new home. I was worried if I could remember all the steps I needed to complete, but with regular updates and more important for me phone calls and meetings, really helped reduce my worries. I have now completed my Home Demonstration and I am so excited to have the keys next week. During the visit to my home, Harry reassured me that he wants me to be very happy and that if I had any concerns I can call him and make contact, this was very good. Thank you Rowland Homes for building my new home."

Being a new owner, not knowing the process Stephen has been invaluable to help me understand what was required. Stephen, Liam & Harry have been an amazing team of people. The team here really do make me feel part of something very special. I am very happy with my Rowland Home and currently going through my 7 day visit. Thank you Rowland for my new home.

Customer at Sandpiper Grange

It has been an immense pleasure to associate with Sandpiper Grange for our first home. We can’t thank Stephen enough for the constant help, kindness and guidance he offered to us even on his days off, and the effort he took to complete the process on time was really appreciated. As a first time buyer we were not aware of the process, but Stephen guided us through every step and made us comfortable. Our overall experience was excellent and we do highly recommend Rowland.

Customers at Sandpiper Grange

From the moment we met with Stephen, we knew Sandpiper Grange was the development for us. We first visited when Stephen was in his temporary sales office and were so impressed when we viewed the Show Home. Harry, the Assistant Site Manager has been excellent and very informative - we are both very happy to call Sandpiper Grange home.


Thank you so much for all your help over the last few months. It has been a very smooth experience and we would recommend Rowland to our friends!

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For all you've done for us.

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On arrival to Sandpiper Grange, we met with our Sales Executive who was welcoming, kind and considerate. Stephen made what felt like a personal effort to know us, and our family’s needs. We had visited many other developments before moving in to Sandpiper Grange. We are so happy and would recommend Rowland Homes to family and friends.

Thank you to Sandpiper Grange Team


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