25 years on

This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary of building beautiful new homes across the region and creating brand new communities for people to flourish and enjoy.

We are so proud of the communities that we’ve helped to create and we remain committed, to delivering beautiful homes that offer great quality and excellent value for money, to home buyers throughout the region.

Our mission remains the same, as it was when we broke ground at our first site in Leeds in 1993. Bringing much needed new homes to the residents of the areas that we build in, helping them to move easily as well as delivering a product and service to suit today’s busy lifestyles.

So many things have changed however over the last 25 years that we thought we would share some of them with you….​

  • The average house price was £51,673
  • The price of a litre of fuel was 54p
  • A loaf of bread was 75p
  • The world wide web was launched to the public
  • Jurassic Park was released and became the highest grossing film in movie history until Titanic appeared around four years later
  • ‘I’d do anything for love’ by Meat Loaf was the top selling single of the year

In the last 25 years we have sold over 3500 homes across the region and moved in around 10,000 people. 10,000 people and families that have started new lives together in a place that they call home. Whatever people’s reason for moving, all are making a fresh start in one way or another. New couples just starting out and buying their first home together, families that are growing and in need of more bedrooms or outdoor space and couples whose children have flown the nest and need less space and a home that’s easier to maintain.

Everyone has a different story and our sales team are the face of the Rowland brand and the people that our prospective buyers first come into contact with. They are a superb team, knowledgeable, passionate and always striving to go above and beyond to make the home buying purchase a smooth one.

We have so many excellent customer comments it’s hard to choose but just look at what people are saying https://www.rowland.co.uk/customer-testimonials/

We are proud to have our team of loyal and dedicated staff and supply chain who continue to provide an outstanding level of service. We are very grateful to all our customers for continuing to choose Rowland as a homebuilder of first choice and for creating new and aspirational communities that will stand the test of time.

Here’s to the next 25 years…

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