Washing wars

Controversy in the Rowland Homes camp over this one and boy has it sparked some serious conversations.

  • How many times a week do you do it?
  • Is it only on a weekend?
  • What works together and what doesn’t?

The list goes on!

We’re talking washing; laundry; dirty clothes and bedding; the chore that even a well-equipped utility room can’t soothe. In the process of some Rowland research we’ve learnt that it divides households and family members and we all do it in very distinct ways.

Firstly socks. How do you keep them with the partner that they were intended to spend their days with? It is truly a phenomenon that not even social media or online technology has an answer to. They leave your feet at the same time, make it to the laundry basket together and there it appears certain ones mingle with other members of the feet warming fraternity and then decide to make their own way in the world.

Lost Socks Hanger

Some even make it as far as the washing machine and then decide that this Rowland life is too good for them. There must be a huge sock graveyard somewhere that is literally packed with those that decided on a different path and lost their way.

In the office we have one team member who puts all the oddities in a bag in her drawer and if they dare not to be reunited within a six month window they’re for the bin. Another unnamed member of the team proudly took off her boots to reveal that despite her stylish exterior, underneath it all she was wearing, not only mismatched items of sock wear, but ones that belonged to her eleven year old daughter. Criminal.

Wearing Mismatched Socks

Then there’s the how often? Is the faint slosh of your machine heard daily? Is it a weekly chore that takes most of the weekend to rotate the unclean, washed and drying? Do you have set days for clearing the washing basket?

Which leads us onto another question – where the devil is the basket? Do you have one on the landing for the whole family, does it reside in the bathroom – more logical we suppose. Or do you have a whole army of dirty clothes collecting vessels and each family member has their own!

The most divisive point of all had to be the bedding v clothes scenario. Do they go into the same load? Odd person in the office says yes, it saves time. The rest of us looked horrified and immediately inspected her for bobbling on clothes and other tell tale signs that she had been washed with a bed sheet.

We want to know what you think, we feel this one may run and run…..


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