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We’re very proud of each and every Rowland Home. We have worked hard over the years so that designs and facilities have evolved and we always work with suppliers that will bring that bit extra to each home that we build.

A good example of this is Hansgrohe, the luxury German manufacturer that shapes bathrooms and kitchens around the world.

Hans Grohe









Hans Grohe himself was one of the original pioneers of the sanitation industry and invented the hand shower in 1928, which complemented, and in some cases replaced the customary overhead shower. At this time, a bathroom in the home was considered as a luxury.

Based in Schiltach – within the beautiful Black Forest, Hansgrohe continues to innovate to this day, with over 5000 staff at 6 global production sites. 80% of production takes place in Germany. To this day, the family remain on the Executive Board.

We know that relaxing in your Rowland home is one of the most important things to homebuyers and that means that we source the best in fixtures and fittings to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Cutting costs

Yours not ours… One of the fittings available in your new Rowland bathroom is a 9 litre restricted flow showerhead. You will never notice the lighter flow of water but having one of these will reduce water consumption and your water bill.

Another great option is the cool start taps for the kitchen and bathroom. These taps are locked to cold so when you switch on the water they don’t automatically fire up the boiler each time…reducing gas consumption and your gas bill.

We think it’s best summed up by Ian Pearson, Hansgrohe: “The specifications in the Rowland Homes are unique. It’s a different level of fixtures and fittings in the homes they build and no other developer is understanding or meeting the needs of its customer in this way.”

Come and visit one of our show homes to see how we can transform your bathing habits.


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