Predicted home trends for 2024

Looking for ways to update your home without spending a fortune? Check out our list of the top predicted home trends for 2024 that you can easily implement.

Elevate your interiors with statement pieces
Upgrade your home décor by investing in statement pieces that will add character and spark conversation. Sculptural furniture is a great investment as even the smallest side table can make a big impact. Say goodbye to bland filler pieces and hello to eye-catching conversation starters.

Paint trends for 2024: Embracing warm neutrals
As we approach the end of this year, it seems that the paint trends for the upcoming year will be embracing the earthy beiges, nature-inspired tones, contemporary off-whites, and taupes that have been popular these past few months.

Adding colour, pattern and dimension with tiles
One popular trend in tiling is statement tiles, which utilise geometric shapes to create a unique look. This approach is an excellent way to add depth, colour, and pattern to your space.

Distinctive rugs with unique designs
Living room rugs that are more than just floor coverings – they're true works of art. With striking prints and unconventional shapes, they're sure to catch your eye. Geometric, curvy, and angular designs all make an appearance, showcasing a new wave of creative thinking. Embrace the unconventional and make a statement.

Chrome decorative objects and accessories
Chrome has become increasingly popular in home decor, particularly in decorative objects and accessories, ranging from candlesticks to drawer handles. Silver has become trendy again, especially in lighting fixtures.

Whichever of these trends grab your attention, we’d love to see them in your own homes #rowlandhomes on Instagram.

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