As we celebrate something of a milestone birthday this year – our 25th anniversary of building homes and developing communities across the region, it got us thinking in the office about how many of our memories as individuals are linked to the houses that we’ve lived in and the events that have happened while we were there.

From the joy of putting the key into the front door of your very first home and stepping over the threshold into a new and exciting chapter, to hosting a BBQ to announce your engagement.

The excitement of meeting new neighbours, living close to people at similar life stages and the overwhelming sense of community that you feel on all of our Rowland developments.

The momentous time (or terror!) of bringing home your newborn from the hospital and all the months of prep that have preceded it planning and decorating a new nursery. Paint tester pots, fabric swatches, coordinating furniture, nursing chairs and then filling said furniture with endless supplies of outfits and matching hats for this bundle of joy that has absolutely no idea or appreciation of any of it!

Then as the children grow the endless quest to generate new storage and clutter free rooms as each child owns at least 50 board games, 1000s of figures (with detachable arms, legs, weapons and hair), dolls, prams, rocking horses and all manner of large and musical ride ons and push alongs.

Then as they progress towards senior school the challenge of contrasting tastes of siblings in TV programmes, online games and each other. The dilemma of creating a separate lounge for them and their friends to entertain each other, which totally goes against the idyllic open plan living spaces that seem to have become common place over recent years?

And then what when they fly the nest? Empty rooms, no toys to pick up and reassemble, no noise to quieten and less space needed. And so begins another new chapter.

The one thing that we do know is that so many memories are made in our homes. We want them to be the best they can be as they are inextricably linked to everything we hold dear. Our homes are where we can relax and be ourselves. Where we share, laugh and cry with each other.

Forgive us the nostalgia, we know that all milestone birthdays are emotional and we’re looking forward to the next 25 years of you all making memories in the place that we call a Rowland Home.

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