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With more and more people now working from home permanently, space for a home office or a study has become a must have when people are looking for a new home.

Working from home on a kitchen or dining table is far from ideal in many ways, so new homes offering that extra space and flexibility are in high demand from workers keen to create the right working environment for themselves, in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

The Marlborough and Wallingford house types from Rowland both have the size and flexibility to create a bespoke home office on the ground floor, and still have space for 4 or 5 bedroom homes on the upper floors.

When you have that dream working space, ensure that it becomes the place that inspires you:

Put your own stamp on it

Your office should reflect your personality, decorating it in your personal style will help motivate and inspire - whether that’s fresh, clean and bright or colourful and patterned.

Add indoor plants

Plants clean the air and have even shown to reduce stress and boost productivity, concentration and creativity in the workplace.

Hang art/photos

Add art or photos of loved ones to the walls to instantly liven up the working environment.

Optimise space

The most important thing to consider is storage. Making sure that there is a space where everything can live and that you can get your hands on whenever needed to avoid having to route through piles of paperwork.

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