Declutter & organise your home

Organising our homes, particularly the rooms that we use the most often can seem like a mammoth task. Cupboards and drawers can often be crammed with the daily bits and pieces that ‘need sorting’ or life admin that almost needs someone sorting in a full time capacity.

Even new homes can soon fill up with furniture, toys and just general clutter that makes even simple daily tasks take longer because we are not organised or living with order.

As spring is now upon us we thought it would be useful to pull together some top tips for each room so you can arm yourself with black bags, a dash of decisiveness (yes you MUST part company with that pair of shoes that you haven’t worn for 4 years) and in no time at all you’ll have a house like a shiny new pin.

If you don’t love, wear or use it, it’s out. And don’t forget - be systematic. Work from room to room, one room at a time. Start, work, complete, stop. That’s the key.

Kitchen Tips

  • Clear out the freezer – we all keep items that become so icy they’re no longer recognisable other than by shape. Be brutal and if you’re not going to eat the leftovers in the bottom freezer drawer it’s time to bin them.
  • Keep tables and sideboard surfaces clutter free zones. Have a family rule that things are not left on the table to make sure that when you walk into the kitchen your eye isn’t drawn to the pile of paperwork that you’re meaning to tackle or this week’s homework.
  • Keep random items in small plastic boxes – we all rummage round ‘the drawer’ full of batteries, picture hooks, string and sellotape when we’re in desperate need of one of these small items. Group them together and you’ll also be able to see when you’re running out and replace them.

Bedroom Tips

Sort your clothing into seasons. Now spring is here, think about putting away heavy winter coats and boots and those wool sweaters. Invest in some under-bed storage bags or even vacuum filled bags so that they can be put into the loft until the weather changes again.

If you haven’t worn it for 6 months or more or it doesn’t fit then put it in the charity bag.

Don’t sleep on clutter – avoid putting odd items under the bed – books, magazines, and slippers they all create another layer of stuff that isn’t needed. It’s also much easier to hoover or sweep under the bed if it isn’t full of things that don’t belong there.

Daily Tips

  • Try and schedule just ten minutes each day for clearing clutter. Piles are your enemy and take minutes to tackle on a daily basis so they don’t become mountains.
  • Be wary of buying things that you don’t need, it’s no good keeping on top of clutter if you keep buying more things that you don’t need!
  • Have a bag on one side to add charity items to as and when they don’t fit. That way when the collection bag arrives you can just tip them in and leave it outside the front door.
  • Try and use time on a Sunday to get organised for the week ahead – washing bedding, making meals in batches and ordering the shopping.

Then relax..........


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