Back to school

As the summer holidays pass in the blink of an eye, we are almost ready for the onslaught of a new school term and the passage into the Autumn months. So much to prepare for and get ready - new shoes, pencil cases, college gear or maybe school uniform shopping! To make things easier for you and your family we’ve pulled together some life hacks to try and keep things simple.


The importance of early nights

Sleeping Child

Sleep is so important for everyone, but particularly children as they grow and develop at such a rapid rate. A set bedtime routine is crucial and helps with behaviour, social skills and memory, especially in the first few months of starting school full time when it’s normal for children to fall asleep during teatime they’re so worn out by the new routine and different environment! As children start school ideally they need between 9-11 hours of sleep each night and access to TV, tablets, phones or computers should be limited after their evening meal so they can start to wind down from the day and relax. A warm bath and a story is also beneficial as part of the bedtime routine and a chat about the day is always a winner ahead of a restful night’s sleep.


Organising in the mornings

Child Doing Homwork










Following a good night’s sleep the morning routine should be a breeze and the key is to get everyone involved and do a bit of pre-planning the night before. Breakfast is absolutely key before the school day begins, try and keep it varied to ensure things are interesting and above else quick and easy. Cereal or toast with fruit is a great option (tinned fruit in juice is one of the five a day so is just as good)

To help avoid repeating yourself constantly, why not create a chores list for the morning for each child. Simple tasks such a brushing teeth, combing hair and putting on shoes mean that they are taking responsibility for helping get themselves ready for the day and it stops you being driven mad by asking the same questions over and over again!

Top packed lunch picks! 


Healthy School Meals

One of the great challenges of children having packed lunches is what on earth to give them each day! Making sure that they are getting all the goodness that they need to keep them fuelled at school is so important. Combining health and nutrition with tasty treats that they will love is the key and the more colourful the better. If your child isn’t thrilled by the idea of mung beans and salad then check out these tasty ideas below to keep every lunchtime healthy and happy.

Autumn teas


As the evenings draw in and the weather cools, a hot hearty meal in the evening is the order of the day. If you’re lucky enough to have a brand new Rowland Home, with a fabulous kitchen, then you’ve no excuse but to whip up a family feast in the evenings for friends or family! If you’re all out during the days then slow cookers can be a saviour meaning that you can dice meat and vegetables the night before, or before work, tip them into the slow cooker and set it to a low heat. There’s something totally joyous about coming home in the cold and opening the front door to the warm, rich smell of a winter casserole or one pot supper.


My favourite homes

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