Inspired homes

Enjoy the experience!

At Rowland, we believe in providing a varied portfolio of traditional, modern and contemporary houses in a range of popular locations throughout the North West.

The environments that we create may vary in shape and size, but our commitment to quality means that all are built to the same exacting standards.

Stylish Inspiring Bedroom

Externally, Rowland homes incorporate eye-catching design features, whilst careful interior planning ensures that we maximise every square metre of available living space. The latest heating, glazing and insulation products combine optimum comfort with minimal maintenance, in keeping with today’s busy lifestyle.

Homes to suit your lifestyle

Properties are of a standard that will more than satisfy even the most demanding modern homebuyer, with a particularly high level of specifications throughout. In fact Rowland include many fixtures and fittings as standard that other developers only provide as more expensive non-standard customer upgrades.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop inside the home though. Time and careful planning go into the layout of each development to create neighbourhoods, blending the development and areas of public open space into the local environment in a complementary and sympathetic way. Whichever Rowland home you choose to buy and wherever you choose to live, we hope you’ll find one to suit your lifestyle, enjoy the experience!


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