Staying safe on Bonfire Night

2nd November 2017

“Remember, remember the 5th of November…” we all know the rhyme – it’s something every British child is taught at school and Bonfire Night is a key date in the autumn calendar.

With it’s associations with Treacle Toffee, Woolly Hats and making a ‘Guy’, Bonfire Night can also be brilliantly fun for all the family. However, it’s also a potentially dangerous date if the correct precautions aren’t followed.

If you’re planning to host your own fireworks display at home this year, be sure to read these top tips beforehand, to keep you and yours safe the whole evening.

  1. Only buy fireworks that comply with British Standard 7114:1988 or its European equivalent but instructions should be in English. Importantly, ensure the fireworks are purchased as part of a pack, rather than loose.
  2. Angle rockets away from people and factor in the direction of the wind. Load them in a firing frame or launching tube.
  3. Did you know sparklers can warm up to five times the heat of cooking oil? Hold sparklers at arms length and while wearing gloves, then dispose of them in a cold bucket of water.
  4. Don’t drink and light! It sounds obvious but if you’re overseeing the setting off of fireworks at the party, make sure you’re sober and can respond to any potential dangers immediately.
  5. Never return to a lit firework as if it hasn’t gone off, it could still explode.
  6. Ensure the bonfire is reserved for fire wood only. Never throw fireworks onto them.
  7. Keep your pets indoors and close all curtains to keep them calm – they notoriously hate fireworks so its best to walk them in the mornings and afternoon this week to avoid distressing them at night time.
Staying safe on Bonfire Night

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