New Year Detox - This Time For Your Home

20th January 2016

‘New Year, New You’, or so the old saying goes.

Every January we make New Year’s resolutions to transform our lives by losing weight, kicking a bad habit and taking up a new hobby – the list goes on.

But why stop there – the New Year is the ideal time to also detox your home, not just your diet. If over-crammed bookshelves, messy cupboards and wardrobes bursting at the seams all sounds a little familiar, then read on….

Living a more minimalist life has shown to make people feel a greater sense of joy. In the aftermath of Christmas, with its influx of new gifts, toys, clothes and bathroom items, you’re not alone in feeling that now is the time more than ever to cease the day and declutter!

Here is our list of the simplest ways to detox at home and wave goodbye to disorganised chaos:

  1. Keep your lounge ready for impromptu guest visits – invest in furniture which doubles-up as storage space. Foot stools with storage inside is our current favourite.
  2. Streamline bookshelves by being selective – unless a book has had a real impact in your life or was your childhood favourite, donate it to the local charity shop or pass it on to a friend. Too many books on the shelf can look cluttered and crowd your library.  Shelves look best with some space left bare or broken up with a small number of ornaments and photo frames.
  3. Still not able to part with all those books? Stacking them on a coffee table gives a nice platform to show off a new photo frame or small vase.
  4. Turn kitchenware into a focal point – if you’re tight on cupboard space, hang your pots and pans on the wall or a suspended pot rack. This saves space and will create a feature in your kitchen.
  5. Trash your junk mail – prevent useless post from piling up on the kitchen side by opening all post the day it arrives and binning it immediately. This can be a huge and simple space saver and means you’ll have no excuses for unpaid bills!
  6. Banish bathroom clutter – transfer your lotions and potions into smaller bottles and tubs, or invest in a hotel-style product dispenser, to save space in small cupboards and in the shower itself.
  7. Clear out clothes – this one was made famous by Oprah but it’s a nifty little trick if you’re guilty of hoarding clothes but always wearing the same outfits. For two months turn your hanger the other way each time you wear something in your wardrobe. This will help you easily see which clothes can be donated to charity or taken to the tip.
  8. Don’t get overwhelmed – a clear-out at home can seem too big but if you tackle it one room at a time you’ll feel less overwhelmed and have a greater sense of satisfaction at the end of a busy day of decluttering. Involve the kids too – as this will pass on the importance of tidying up and keeping the house clean to them.

Whether it’s just one room or two floors that you’ve got to detox at home, we hope these handy tips set you and your home up for a cracking 2016.

New Year Detox - This Time For Your Home

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