Happy Hygge

5th March 2018

We are simply all over Hygge.  In Danish, hygge (pronounced “HUE-gah”) is the ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures great food, friends and family, which is what creating your own home space is all about.

Hygge is the cosiness of the soul.  It’s about an experience rather than things. It’s about being with the people that we love and a feeling of home.

Check out the Hygge manifesto and make sure you have plenty of Hygge moments in your life, every day.

Atmosphere – low level lighting is a must

Presence – turn off the phone. Be here now.
Pleasure – Chocolate, coffee, cookies, cakes and candy are staples.
Equality – ‘We’ over ‘Me’ – share the tasks and the airtime
Gratitude – Take it in – this might be as good as it gets.
Harmony – We already like you, it’s not a competition.
Comfort – it’s all about relaxation.
Truce – No dramas.
Togetherness – ‘do you remember the time we?’
Shelter – this is your tribe and a place of peace of security.

If you’re hankering after some Hygge food then why not try this delicious Twistbread? It makes six pieces and takes just over an hour. It’s tradition to cook it on a BBQ or a fire pit, but an indoor oven will do the job too.


While the weather is still too cold for comfort, dig out some warm socks and light a fire.

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