Flippin' Tastic Tuesday

27th February 2017

Eggs. Check.

Flour. Check.

Milk. Check. 


And then there’s the toppings shopping list. Banana and Nutella or the traditional lemon and sugar.

Yes we’re talking Shrove Tuesday of course. One of the best days of the year with the excuse to eat pancakes all day.

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday which heralds the beginning of Lent for many practicing Christians. The day changes every year – as Easter changes every year. Traditionally the day would begin with Christians going to confession to admit their sins and there a bell would ring to call them to confession – also known as the ‘pancake bell’. In many communities it is still rung today.

In the good old U.S. of A it’s all about the Mardi Gras – and is sometimes called Fat Tuesday in France – as the day is about eating up the fatty foods in the house before the 40 days of fasting in Lent. Pancakes became the way of using up all the fatty ingredients in the cupboards, whisking up the mixture and cooking it all together.

Today the tradition extends much further than the Christian community and is welcomed by families far and wide to enjoy the tantalizing taste of pancakes and all the toppings that go with them.

Our favourite recipe for pancakes (much the same as Yorkshire puddings) is:

120g of plain flour

1 egg
10 fluid ozs of milk (or half water half milk)

This should make approximately 6 – 10 pancakes depending on how thin you want to make them. It’s a simple recipe, whizz all the ingredients together and pour a small amount into a hot, non-stick frying pan. We like to use butter in the pan, but vegetable oil is just as good.

Then there’s the wastage for those flipping pancakes that land on the floor.

Once the pancakes have been flipped, there is the dilemma of who gets the first pancake – and what topping will complete pancake perfection.

What’s your favourite?

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